The Humanist Chaplaincy of San Diego, Inc. (DBA The Humanist Chaplaincy) is a California not-for-profit corporation, and is tax-exempt under IRS rule 501 (c) 3. All contributions to our organization are tax-deductible, and all of our records are available for inspection by request. While we reimburse expenses, accept fees for professional services and pay the typical bills of any organization, our officers, directors, and Executive Director serve without salary. Our goal is to make a difference in the communities we serve with as small a financial footprint as possible.

Community Chaplains

Professional Chaplains provide spiritual care in a variety of settings including hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, schools, and the military. Our chaplains are board certified and endorsed by the Humanist Society, and are available for visitation as well as bioethics consultation regarding end-of-life issues.

Training and
Volunteer Programs

As a part of our mission, we provide training for volunteers who wish to become humanist chaplains or celebrants, and we organize volunteers to become change agents in two areas very important to us: hunger and homelessness. Contact us for more information on these programs. We also hope to provide specialized training for those who wish to work with Humanist Disaster Recovery Teams.

Celebrant Services

Humanist Celebrants are endorsed by The Humanist Society to officiate at Weddings, Memorial Services, and other life rituals. We can help you design such services unique to your circumstances, and are comfortable with secular, religious, or themed ceremonies.

Rev. Dr. Donald Stouder
Executive Director

Reverend Dr. Don Stouder has been a San Diego-based hospital chaplain and medical ethicist for over 20 years specializing in ICU, Trauma, and Emergency Department care. He has also served Unitarian congregations as well as being an author and public speaker. In addition to being our Executive Director and Lead Chaplain, Dr. Stouder is also available to officiate at ceremonies and provide pastoral counseling in a secular, spiritual framework. Click here for more about Don.

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